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Step 1

Every project starts with a personal and non-binding intake, sometimes on location and sometimes on-line.

In this conversation we make an inventory of your wishes and together we determine how you can best be helped.       This can vary from a 2D layout plan with color advice to the help with the choice of the executing parties (including the contractor). In step 2, we explain, how we do that.

After the intake, you will receive a recap with an overview of the matters discussed and a personal price proposal.

Step 2

If you are happy with the results of step 1, we can help you with choosing the right contractor. We do this by making a detailed list of wishes and demands. This list forms the base for the quotation request of 3 contractors. After we have reviewed the different offers, we can help you choosing the right contractor by making an overview of the different offers.

Step 3

If needed, we can can also take care of the total project management, even if you already have an own constructor. This means that we help you to relax during the rebuilding but also to be there as a sparring partner, helping you to make the right decisions.

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